The Rare Vandal — Music Video Shoot & Listening Party

Rare Vandal
2 min readMar 3, 2022
WIP of our venue for the shoot in Cryptovoxels

A Metaverse Music Video

Coming up on the 9th March I’ll be hosting a Listening Party for my next single “The Rare Vandal” produced by Crans. At the same time we will be shooting the final scenes of the Music Video at the DAOrecords HQ that will take place entirely in Cryptovoxels, an Ethereum-based Metaverse. In fact, we believe that this might just be the first music video shot entirely in Cryptovoxels, so let’s make history together!

The entire project has been a DAO to DAO collaboration produced by VanDAO that comes to a close with the recording of the Music Video

You’re Invited!

Get on the RSVP to join the party and receive a wearable and gift NFT when you arrive at the event! All you need is an ETH wallet and a NEAR wallet.

You’ll need to be connected on your laptop to access the wearable and participate to the fullest. You can also join our community on Telegram if you need more help or assistance with a NEAR wallet.

Fill out this form to signal your participation



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